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What we offer

The next level of security! Although there are many Locker Operators out there Big Green offer a greater level of security, with 24 hour staff onsite, CCTV and high security locks your audience will feel safe with us!

Our Setup

Created with the customer in mind, the Big Green Setup is built around security and ease of use, we are also able to brand it for your event! Just get in touch for more information.

What we can do for you

Event Locker Hire in the UK

Not only do Big Green Lockers supply Lockers to UK Festival Locker hire contractors we also hire out our setup for private and public events, ranging from sporting events, festivals, outdoor shows and food festivals.

The Big Green setup includes security lockers with an integrated phone charging facility, specifically created for event hire in the UK, each lockers USB cable supplies a 1 amp power supply which is able to charge any camera, phone or portable device

Big Green also is able to offer day, weekend or weekly locker hire solutions for events in the UK, either manned or un manned.

UK Festival Locker Hire Services are hard to find, and even harder to get right – thats why our phone charging lockers are tailored to a large audience that wants festival phone charging, lockers at festivals and a genuinely great service!