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You might be wondering?

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards through PayPal!

How big are the Lockers?



Each locker is  10cm High  x  20cm Wide  x 15cm Deep, they are built to fit small items such as cameras, phones, wallets, keys, purses and other personal items



Storage lcokers are larger and will allow you to fit a number of coats or backpacks inside them, sizing is as follows: Height 250 * Width 300 * Depth 400mm


How do i charge my phone in the locker?

It’s easy! Simply either bring your cable, or you can purchase one from the office – You can then plug in your phone and cable into the integrated female USB in the locker, beautiful and straightforward!


Please remember to check the TYPE of locker which is in your event booking. Because for some events we will supply PHONE CHARGING lockers and others they are STORAGE LOCKERS only. If the event is a storage locker event, we will provide a phone charging service, but this is not included in your locker hire.

When will i receive my conformation voucher?

You will receive your voucher 3 days before the festival starts – if you have not received it then don’t worry, just bring some form of ID – or your PayPal booking info and we will find you on our system.

I did not receive a confirmation email

If you do not receive it before the event then do not worry, we will be able to find you on our system and ensure you are able to use your locker.

Sometimes emails don’t make it out – or they will often go into your Junk Mail. Please go ahead and check your Junk Mail  🙂

What people are saying

  • So Much Time for This Service!

    "I used these at Global Gathering, they were open all night and the charging worked really well! Such a great idea!" - greg_ross

  • I felt really safe using these guys!

    "We thought they were fantastic! The staff were all great, very helpful and friendly! They were fun and approachable and I felt very confident and safe using the lockers" - mobrien78

  • Just what I needed!

    "Kept my phone charged up all weekend at V! They really made the whole experience so easy and I would recommend them to everyone.." - krazyjoe1